Who bought and sold on Hedges Ave in exclusive Gold Coast Millionaire's Row, Mermaid Beach

The list of people to have bought and sold on Hedges Ave is a roll call of players who have won in games of business, development and luck on the Gold Coast. WHO OWNS WHAT ON MILLIONAIRE’S ROW

IT’S nickname, now Multi-Millionaire’s Row, says it all — Hedges Ave is the premier address on the Gold Coast, with its glittering beachfront drawing movers and shakers from Australia and beyond for more than 30 years.

We have scoured property records, agent listings and newspaper archives to find out.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Number 1: Set on the border where Hedges meets Albatross Ave, this colourful blue beach house is listed on records as being owned by Raymond Leslie Schultz since he paid $820,00 for it in 1994.

Number 3: A luxury three-level home inspired by an architecture from the Greek Islands, the five-bedroom property, which is known as Kalimera, is listed on property records as being owned by AJPP, a company owned by John Sophios. The house was also rumoured to have been home to actor Brad Pitt in 2002 while he was filming The Fountain on the Gold Coast before the project was cancelled.

Number 5: Sporting a distinctive round front window, this beach house was owned by Marie and Ronald Duke, a former grazier, from 1994 until they sold it for $3.05 million in 2013. The new owner, Melbourne-based Bluserena, is a company owned by Alba and Nicola Bernardo.

Number 7: This two-storey, mustard-hued home is listed on records as owned by Cheryl Zavattaro since its last sale at $927,000 in 1998. The property occupies a 405sq m block.

Numbers 9-11: This vision in Hamptons grey is owned by billionaire-turned-millionaire-turned-politician-turned-billionaire Clive Palmer. Mr Palmer paid former owner John Potter $12 million for the five-bedroom 2006-built home on an 809sq m block in 2018.

Number 13: Another former John Potter home, he sold this one in 2011 for $4.25 million to current owner Loy Nixon.

Number 17: The one-time home to one-time Indy boss, now Gold Coast Suns chairman Tony Cochrane has an interesting sales history. Mr Cochrane sold it for $9 million to developer Robert Badalotti in 2007, who sold it to controversial trade dollars company Contrabart for $4.1 million as a rebated sale. Contrabart, of which Mr Badalotti is a long-time associate, then sold it for $4.1 million to Mermaid Property Group, a company owned and directed by none other than Mr Badalotti, who lives there still.

Number 19: Is fittingly owned by prestige property agent Amir Mian and his wife Soraya. The Mians bought it from Christopher Chee Weng Chwee for $4.705 million in 2019.

Number 21: One of the few remaining old beach houses in the street, the property has reportedly been held by James Carolan since he bought it for $670,000 in 1992. It was advertised for rent at $1125 a week in 2018.

Number 23: Brisbane chemist Don Gardiner and wife Colleen built a home here after paying a record $3.2 million for the 405sq m vacant site in 2002. The sale was credited with lifting the price per square metre along Hedges to $7901. The Chemmart boss doesn’t live in the two-storey home – it was listed for rent at $1450 a week in 2014 and appears to remain under lease.

Number 25: Catherine Ellis bought a 1970s shack on this site for $6.5 million from Angelo and Carmela DiCarlo in 2017. It’s since been replaced with a modern two-storey home. The older-style brick-and-tile home previously changed hands for $1.4 million in 1998 after being owned by the family of Queensland legal pioneer Sir John Rowell for almost 50 years.

Number 27: An imposing Mediterranean-style mansion owned by self-made former Bookworld businessman Terry Herbert. The property changed hands in 1995 for $1.075 million.

Number 29: Known as Sandcastles, this beachhouse reaped former owner businessman George Lee a profit of $2 million in just four months when he sold it for $5 million in May 2002 to Lizoe Pty Ltd, a company associated with Brisbane’s Edward Benson and Julie Hancock, which remains the listed owner.

Number 31: Records show George Thomas Challenger, father of Medcall founder Dr Thomas Challenger, nabbed this one for $5.4 million in 2011, just three years after it was sold for $11.15 million to Galt Commodities. That company was linked to former AFL star Rod Galt, who struck financial difficulties linked to a lawsuit in 2009. Previous owners of the home also include racehorse owner and Coral Homes operator Paul Sweeney.

Numbers 33-41: This sprawling 1620sq m site used to host three homes, including a bright purple and yellow, two-storey beach shack owned by Noosa art gallery owner Adrian Slinger.

Also bowled to make way for the current mansion was a home owned by Simone Smith, wife of Tony Smith, former CEO of holiday company BreakFree. That renovated home set a new residential record for a beachfront house when it was snapped up by the Smiths in late 2002 for $6.35 million.

Before it was even finished, the current mansion set a record for an incomplete build, selling to former IT tycoon Daniel Tzvetkoff for $27 million in 2008.

Current owners Deidre and Peter Mitchell, who run drilling company Mitchell Services, bought it a year later for $10 million less.

Numbers 43-45: The tri-level mansion that once sat at No.43 held the record for a beachfront site in the street and the highest-priced house on the Gold Coast in the early 2000s. It was sold by Alan Thiess prior to auction for more than $10 million in November 2002. Thiess is the son of construction and mining pioneer Sir Leslie Thiess.

The amalgamated site, bought for $10.15 million in 2003 by lotteries entrepreneur David Railton Kennedy, now hosts a massive two-storey beachfront mansion.

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